16. 4. 2015

Blue velvet

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I love to dress up and I wear fancy dresses even to uni. The whole year I was looking for a chance to wear a long beautiful dress but there was not any appropriate occasion. Finally the time has come! I just bought a ticket to RGU Business Ball which will take place next month. So my task is to find a perfect dress. I already have few ideas so I also started looking for jewellery. I love statement pieces and I was so happy when I discovered Happiness Boutique which offers a huge selection of necklaces, earrings and bracelets. When I was browsing this gorgeous statement necklace with crystals automatically cought my eye. Well to be honest....put anything shiny in front of me and I will have to have it. :) Therefore, I am sure I will soon get another piece from this great shop. Firstly, I have to find the perfect dress for the ball and then I am sure it will be super easy to find a matching necklace and earrings. What is your favorite shop for jewellery and dresses?

12. 4. 2015

April in pics

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Hello everyone! The semester is quickly coming to the end and I really need to step up my game and start studying. I already started planning my summer holidays so I am super excited. Not exactly sure where we will end up but me and my friend will definitely have fun. Here are couple of my Insta pics to describe my month so far. I actually did quite a lot and managed to have great time.

7. 4. 2015

Purple dress

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Last couple of days were not really that exciting since I spent them by working. The bad thing is I have no social life at the moment. The good thing is that I managed to save some money and I am definitely going to use it for travelling. Cannot wait for the end of semester so I can go abroad. Barcelona, Berlin and Paris are definitely on my list and I hope I will be able to see more. What is your favorite place to visit? It has to be somewhere where the sun isnt that strong....cause seriously look at me. I think I would literally burn in a sun. :D

3. 4. 2015

Velvet Boohoo jumpsuit

placement, aberdeen, robert gordon university, fashion management
I spent last couple of days in my bed because I was ill again (Aberdeen really hates me I think) but now I am back on my feet. I have so much stuff to do including my courseworks, working in the restaurant and looking for the placement....the last part is especially annoying cause I just cant find anything. All the good placements are in London and it is absolutely impossible for me to live there for three months while having an unpaid placement. I wish I was lucky enough to have friends or family there but since I dont it looks like I have to give up on the idea of placement. It is just not worth it. But still.....if you know about a fashion company that is looking for students for placements/internships I will be really happy if you send me a message. Thanks. :) Dont forget to follow me on Instagram for daily feed.

16. 3. 2015

Ram the Dam with ESN

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This month was full of travelling. As you all know I went to London and straight after that I joined the Erasmus society for a fantastic trip down to Amsterdam. I dont remember the last time I had so much fun. I met amazing people and for couple of days I forgot about all stressful uni work and just enjoyed every moment. The first night in Amsterdam we went to a boat party which was so much fun. Waking up the next morning was a little less fun but I woke up early to see my friend and to go for a tour. Red Light District, Ann Franke House, I am Amsterdam sign.....we saw it all. And after two hours spent in Rijskmuseum we went for a phenomanal pub crawl. I am not gonna lie to you. It was messy but absolutely amazing. I am so happy that I decided to join ESN for this trip. Here are few pics from my trip and they were all taken by amazing Laetitia. You can check out her work on her website here. Her photos are great!

12. 3. 2015

London fashion weekend: Day 3

rgu, fashion management, placement, third year, internship

Finally I have a chance to upload the last post about my trip to London. I know it took me a while but right after London I went to Amsterdam with Erasmus society. And I have to say I had a great time! Over 500 students from the whole UK came to Amsterdam to meet new people and have fun. The journey was a little bit exhausting because it took us around 27 hours to get there from Aberdeen but I enjoyed it. Especially the ferry which had its own cinema, bar and a club. I also had a chance to meet a really good friend who used to live with me so you can imagine that it was hard to leave that magical place. Though I think my liver is very thankful for leaving. :D Anyway here are couple of other pics I took in London. I am really greatful that I am able to travel like that. Actually I am sitting at the airport at the moment waiting for my flight to the Czech Republic. I wish I could travel the whole world.

3. 3. 2015

London Fashion Weekend: Day 2

London fashion weekend, summerset house, rgu, fashion management
I am so happy that as a part of our course we had a chance to go to London Fashion Weekend. It was a great experience to see all the new trends and all the stylish people who attended. The Summerset House was simply amazing and next time (hopefully) I will be able to buy something from the pop-up shops. This time I left only with tote goodie bag but I am still happy with that.