sobota 19. dubna 2014

Fashion exhibition at RGU

fashion exhibition, robert gordon university, sue ryders, charity

I am really sorry for the lack of posts on my blog but I have been busy. Especially with the fashion exhibition which took place on Thursday. Fashion management students together with event management and PR students organized a charity fashion exhibition and my group was representing Sue Ryder.

pátek 11. dubna 2014

It is all about the jacket

stop racism, bunda, jak nosit lacláče, lucie srbová

Even though this semester is driving me crazy cause I feel like I have no time I am really looking forward to the second year at uni. Mostly because new fashion society was established and I was elected a social secretary. To be honest I am not quite sure what my responsibilities will be but I will figure it out (or not and I will just pretend I know exactly what I am doing).

úterý 8. dubna 2014

This is what makes us girls

style without limits, lucie srbová, česká blogerka, móda v čechách

I never considered myself a pesimist. If anything I thought I was more of a realistic person who saw things the way they were. But after today's conversation with my friend I realised I was wrong. Everytime when something good happen to me I always expect the worst and I forget to enjoy the moment.

sobota 5. dubna 2014

Little Mistress Dress

česká blogerka, růžový kabát, žluté šaty, leopardí kabelka

My style keeps changing every second. One day I am wearing a crop top with sculls, the other one a classy dress. Today I was in the mood for a sophisticated dress so I chose my favorite one from the online shop Little Mistress. This is another favorite shop of mine and I am still surprised that not a lof people know about it.

středa 2. dubna 2014

Best shop for dresses

chi chi clothing, dress autumn, gold and black, lucie srbová
 I said it several times beore and I am going to say it again. Everytime when I am looking for a fancy dress I go straight to the online shop called Chi Chi. Their dresses are simply perfect. This time I chose this amazing dress in black and gold. The skirt is simply adorable and it fits perfectly. So if you never tried this shop you have to give it a try. You will not be disappointed. I also have a new Instagram profile

sobota 29. března 2014

Not that seriously

how to be happy, happy life, craziness, smile
I am a girl who does not take herself seriously. I love laughing and I am not afraid to make fun of myself. Therefore you should not be surprised when I show you this photoshoot.

středa 26. března 2014

Photoshoot for fashion exhibition

aberdeen, beach, fashion exhibition, rgu, sue ryders, charity
Me and my group are currently working on a fashion exhibition as a part of our coursework at uni. We were given 10 pounds and we had to purchase an outfit from a charity shop and somehow relate it to Scotland. We bought a white patterned top and blue